I never thought about Sigur Ros as dance music, but this… Yes, this.

The Cyborg Age is Upon Us

We live in a world full of cyborgs, though most of us don’t notice it.

I realize I’m helping perpetuate social advertising by posting this, but…

These stats are pretty impressive.


Consider this your first quarter progress report on how you all are doing this year with RunKeeper. Your grade? F—for freaking awesome

Together you’ve spent the equivalent of 177 decades working out from January to March (can you even wrap your head around that?) Those 8.4 billion calories burned stack up to about 58 million scoops of ice cream, and you completed some 3.1 million marathons between all those miles you ran, walked, biked, hiked, cross country skied (we’re talking to you, Sweden), and more. 

Speaking of Sweden, let’s congratulate them for their strong showing: two of the top five most popular cities on RunKeeper, and the No. 2 most popular country (again) in the first three months of this year! And big thanks to the Big Apple for getting a U.S. city to the top! 

Keep it up! At this rate you’re well on track to smash 2012’s numbers