Two Billion Reasons Why We're About to Find Earth 2


Today in astronomy!

And just extrapolating out a bit further, that means there are perhaps… 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earth-like planets in the various galaxies of our universe, give or take a few zeroes. I like those odds.




"And I want them to know that they have no limits." - Unshelved

You tell ‘em, Dewey.

No limits!

When I was in the third grade, a friend and I were at the school library. I picked out a book that was fifth/sixth grade level and so did my friend, because it seemed interesting to her with its pictures of Native Americans. The librarian stopped us and made us read out loud from the books to prove that we weren’t taking things that weren’t for us. I read mine without problems and was allowed to check it out. My friend struggled with some of the words in hers and had to put it back because she wasn’t “good enough” to read it. I’ll never forget the look of humiliation on her face. I wonder if she ever tried to take a book from a library again after that.

So, yeah, so much this! Nobody should ever be told what my friend was told. Nobody should be able to squash an interest so callously.


Super Mario Wedding

Gamers get married with style in this neat little inspiration board.

Concept and styled by Primary Petals

Photography by Lehua Noëlle Faulkner

Love it!

whatimeantwasthis: Today I got called out for being a "fake" geek girl.



I guess I just got so busy with my geeky interests…


I forgot to put time in for the right geeky interests.


Silly me.

Can we cut out this “fake geek” nonsense already? Because, in addition to the heavy anti-girl slant most of it takes, I think she’s dead right…

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whatimeantwasthis: Sinking, Not Swimming


Today, I finally looked the realities of the middle class square in the face. The very small company for whom I have worked for 20 years is struggling to survive. This isn’t the first time. As a consulting business in education and the arts, we’ve always been a feast-or-famine type of outfit, but…

It begins to feel the only way up is out: of the rat race, that is. I found myself stuck in traffic recently, jealous of a road construction laborer - pondering a simpler life. Not because I think construction work is at all easy, but I because I could leave work without having to work at home.

Two hours (sometimes three) commute per day sucks. But then I continue to do well at work in comparison to others. For the last 15 years I have consistently upped my game and my pay has followed along. For that, I’m thankful - even though pay raises haven’t kept pace with inflation.